Revival Remedy – Bach Flower Remedies 10ml

Revival Remedy – Bach Flower Remedies 10ml


Remedy Combination for emergency situations

Revival Remedy is a combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem. This combination of essences was originally formulated by Dr Bach himself for use in situations requiring ‘emergency rescue’. It acts as a very swift emotional stabiliser in situations of great fear, panic, trauma, or severe stress such as serious accidents or unexpected bereavement. It is also very useful in situations of lesser trauma such as exams, driving tests, visits to the dentist, etc.

Take 4 drops in a drink and sip, replenishing as needed. In emergency situations take 4 drops on the tongue directly from the stock bottle, repeat until stabilised and calm. In cases of fainting, rub the drops on lips, temple, inner wrists and other pulse spots, repeating until consciousness is regained. Also available in a spray. Revival Remedy in no way replaces medical attention, which should always be summoned in emergency; rather it releases and dissolves the effects of shock, fear or trauma, thus enabling the body’s own self healing process to take effect quicker.

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