Alka Bath 1200g

Alka Bath 1200g


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Alka® Bath is a uniquely formulated alkaline bath salt that helps the body to remove acid waste. Enjoy alkalizing full baths, hand baths and footbaths with Alka® Bath.

Usage of your Alka® Bath container

A 1.200 grams container of Alka® Bath is good for: 20 alkaline full baths or 20 alkaline showers or 120 alkaline foot baths or 120 alkaline hand baths.

What is in Alka® Bath?

Alka® Bath has been carefully developed for optimal effect and contains the following ingredients:

Maris Sal, Himalayan salt, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulphate, agate, amazonite, amber, rock crystal, carneol, chalcedony, chiastolite, citrine, chrysoprase, roze quartz, turquoise and emerald.

Alka® Bath contains no preservatives and no artificial fragrances or dyes.

Enjoy the alkalizing effect of Alka® Bath with a warm full bath. Fill your bath with water. A good temperature for the water is 36°C – 39°C. Once the bath is full, add 3 scoops of Alka® Bath. Stir with your hand until the bath salts are completely dissolved. For each bath, the longer you bathe the better the alkalizing effect gets going. You can therefore enjoy your bath up to 60 minutes or even longer. Brush your skin every few minutes while bathing to accelerate the alkalizing process and stimulate circulation. Gently towel off after your bath. The creation of subcutaneous tissue makes your skin feel perfectly supple again.

Alkaline foot bath and hand bath

Draw a warm foot bath or hand bath (36°C – 39°C) and add half a scoop of Alka® Bath. Stir with your hand until the bath salts are completely dissolved. We recommend at least 20 – 30 minutes for your bath. Brush your feet or hands every few minutes to accelerate the alkalizing process and stimulate circulation. Wonderful for after a long day working, walking or before going to bed.

Alkaline shower

Have a warm shower and cleanse your body with soap. Rinse and then anoint your body with Alka® Bath by placing small amounts in the palm of your hand and massaging it over your entire body or selected areas. After a few minutes, rinse with warm water and let your body air dry as much as possible. You will feel revitalised and relaxed.

Wonderful for babies and children!

Alka® Bath can also be used to bathe your baby and children. Add 1 scoop per 30 litres of water to a 37°C baby bath and stir with your hand until dissolved. Gently massage the body of your baby or child with the alkaline water. Very suitable for dry and irritated skin. Bathe your child for at least ten minutes for maximum effect. Wrap your child in a soft cloth after the bath to dry off. Alka® Bath water is gentle and does not sting the eyes.


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